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Hyphen Islam - Christianity

Islam and Christianity are often considered opposite religions in a permanent state of conflict. Still, in everyday's life such as in Lebanon, the differences are not always obvious. Both religions have common beliefs and rituals. Muslims and Christians share values, customs, language, culture, memory and history. ‘Hyphen Islam-Christianity' is a live portrait of largely unknown landscapes, personalities and practices in a war-torn country which paradoxically constitutes a perfect example illustrating interreligious dialogue and convivial dynamics. ‘Hyphen Islam-Christianity' is produced by Electrochocks Productions and Editions (Montreal, Canada), featuring a photo exhibition and a 700 pages collector's book. Nada Raphaël, producer and director of the project, and Dr. Pamela Chrabieh Badine, researcher affiliated to the project, will present an overview of this innovative project, followed by a book launching session.

Billedforedrag og bogpræsentation af producer Nada Raphaël, Electrochock Productions og Pamela Chrabieh Badine, University of Montreal.